Monday, 30 September 2013

The Lily Award - Bermondsey St Dog Show 2013

Lilys Class - Best Pedigree Gal

We had about 15 entrants in our best Gal award - a nightmare to pick for our judges Sarah and Louise - poor Simba and Daniel were still stuck on Tower Bridge.
Daphne - a baby girl whippet first one out
Take Your places please Gertie, Lola, Caramel, Snowflake!
Looking Gorgeous - Lola, Snowflake, Meryl, Evie and Lula
Donna Marie our maypole Queen & Snowflake
This is not easy for our judges, Lula, Effie, Daizie, & Ruby looking good!
But our Winner of the Lily Class is Briard MILLA!!!!!!!! 9 months old and gorgeous

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Anonymous said...

Hi Donna maria it's me Cathy from comber grove primary school