Friday, 27 September 2013

Holly&Lil dog show 2013 - Preparation

The preparation for the Holly&Lil dog show as part of the Bermondsey Street Festival really starts early.
We take our Rosette colour choices VERY seriously and these are always ordered well in advance.
Judges come next as it is important people know it is a FUN event not a Crufts qualifier.  But we need a good mix of the knowledgeable with a teeny bit of glamour and humour.
We always invite Sarah, Lily and Eddies Mum to return each year.  And for glamour and knowledge we also went for Louise Glazebrook of Darling Dog.  The super gorgeous SIMBA, Britain's Top Dog Model 2013 was the final icing on the cake for us.  
Dale, Lily and Eddies Pa is always our compere and NO ONE could do it better!

Dale as Jaffa Cake - I thought he was Poo Man Chew!
Next 100 Cupcakes made.  Pork Pies and sausage rolls out.  El's Angels looking gorgeous name tags in place.. Ring setup.....

Now all we need is a crowd... and boy did we get one despite the drizzle - no one rained on our parade!

Homer was has one several years but retired this year HOWEVER he still put on a marvelous show!

All we needed was a goat... OOh we got one!

Winter, Asa and Le Ch'on, our security Guards get ready to clear the ring!

Let the show begin....

Next installment the heats.....

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