Wednesday, 11 September 2013

PupAid 2013 - Primrose Hill, London

Show days can be long and quite hard work - but goodness are they fun and sometimes you feel that luck is on your side.  I was late picking up Conchita but Hooray that meant we missed the last real downpour of the day.  So as we got to Primrose Hill, (8.15am),  the rain had stopped and we got a feeling the weather was on our side.
Primrose Hill always has a place in our hearts as it was where Holly and Lily first met and so it all began.

Thanks to Eveline of Doggity for the piccy

Rule of play is you get set up as best you can - making our stall look as lush and gorgeous as possible. Then you have a bit of time to get to know your neighbours.  This year we were so lucky as they were great friends.  The gorgeous baby Lily and her Mum and Dad who run Diet Dog ( and two of our fabulously supportive customers... The Barking Blondes, Joanne and Anna, (  Both their dogs Mathilda and Molly were fully kitted out in Holly&Lil so could not be more perfect for us!  Do try and catch their fabulous Radio London Show (94.9), every Thursday at 3pm.
Also have a wee bit of time to play with the dogs and have breakfast and tweak the stand.
So Gus played with Mathilda and The Guide Dogs ran through their very clever routine.

But then the show begins and the day just flys by with a constant stream of returning customers come to show how lovely their collars still look. 
The owners of Ruby below had bought her bow collar from us at Hyde Bark this year.  I remembered them well as gave them a wee H&L birthday discount and was proudly telling them how much they had saved .... then realised I was charging them DOUBLE... Shame!
They said until they bought her collar people would stop and chat all about Ruby and what she was... now they stop and ask where did you get that collar!  Charming.

Dasiy owner came to get her a new slim cowspot collar.  They do have a new adorable Flatcoat puppy - who I think was called Fletcher (but I am menopausal!?!?).  Daisy is such a sweet-natured girl and does not tell the baby off  so the PupStar is getting a bit bossy.  They were impressed buy how patient and calm Gus is and I explained how much Holly had helped me train him.  From then on they were encouraging Holl Doll to scold and train the boy.  I hope it helped!

We also meet lots of new customers who have a great time trying them on either to buy now or for the future as we do not advise people to buy till Pup at least 6months old.
How lovely did this wee pug look and Daisy,the rescue Staffi,belongs to Heidi Hudson, one of the Pet Photographers for the Kennel Club (
 And this teeny baby Chihuahua, Princess, lives with the crazy Licks Boutique Ladies, what fun she must have!

Two nice gals from the Village Vet decked their Spaniel out in Tweed. The Village Vet in Belsize Park was the emergency Vet I ran to when Augustus was hit by a transit van.  Luckily he was no more than shocked but they were a great help so nice to see them again a year on in happier circumstances.
Then many friends just came to say Hello.  My Mum popped in as it was her 82nd Birthday - sweetie.  Dave the Dog Walker came to work his magic on Holly and Gus and Daisy joined in.  Rob my cousins hubbie, gave Gus lots of love.  And Gail and Honey came to say hello to the dogs.  Gail and I met when her dog Missie and Holly were the same age.  before Honey was even born!  She would have Holly at weekends if I was off somewhere; much to Missys disgust.  Haven't seen her since she escorted, (carried) me and Holly and Gus home from the Gaucho Dog Lunch; she just looked BEAUTIFUL!
Sooooooooooooo we had a lovely day and enjoyed it very much... Packing up is always tiring but we got it done.  Concha rolled off to a Barbeque... I and the dogs rolled off to BED!  See you all next year? 
Thanks to the Pupaid crew and Marc the Vet for organising the event it was great. 

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