Monday, 9 September 2013

Lexis tale

Several years ago I was at the Royal Veterinary College, RVC, (The Queen Mother Hospital, Potters Bar), sitting in reception waiting to get Holly.  She had had a huge operation and had been given a titanium knee.  I think I was coming to pick her up.  Anyhow a lady and chap came in with the MOST adorable dog.  She was obviously 'not right' and kept circling the reception area.  I became one of her cuddle pit stops.  She was just a real snuggle bunny.
And so it was I met Laura Delee Aaron and the glorious Lexi.

Lexi was a wee rescue Staffi cross who had been at Battersea Dogs home. This was one of her online Ad photos.

But she had been lucky and found the best family ever to live with - Laura and Aaron - and so she became known as  Lexi Cuthbertson-Delee and even had her own Facebook page.

So soon after finding her new perfect home she had tragically been diagnosed with a brain tumour.  The Queen Mother was her last hope. I chatted with Laura for a while and just completely madly coincidentally it turned out they lived near our shop in Bermondsey St.

I left them there with all my best wishes.  But the Queen Mother did their work and they gave Lexi her life and Laura and Aaron hope that they would have many happy days with her.  And that was in 2011 I believe and they not only had joyous days but fabulous years.
Lexi was never completely out of the woods but she was a pleasure to be with and just a happy, funny, unique little lady.  And of course she became a welcome addition to our Holly&Lil Pack.  She showed off her bespoke collar perfectly - gorgeous girl.
 Laura wrote to me...
"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that Lexi ran free over rainbow bridge on Sunday 1st Sept. It was the hardest decision I've ever had to make, but she found a way to tell me that the time had finally come to say goodbye. The night before, she had managed to get up onto my bed and had snuggles all night and the following morning she was sat in my lap relaxed and peaceful as I cuddled her and gave her lots of massages and belly tickles. Unfortunately it seems the tumour had come back and it had started to bother her so it was the right thing to do, although that didn't make it any easier. The house feels sooo empty without her and I keep expecting her to run in for a cuddle every morning as I get ready for work.....  Give Holl-doll an extra big cuddle for me tonight xx" 

Nothing I can say will help but we loved Lexi here and wanted you to get to know her a wee bit - even if only for this one time.  Run free Lexi you were so loving and so loved!

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