Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My first Blog and my lack of Mission statement!

I am not a blog Queen but quite a few of my Facebook friends have been encouraging me to start a Holly&Lil blog.... so I feel the time has come.  
It will probably be a huge learning curve for me but I hope, as we go along, I will be able to 'get' into it.  
This is, obviously, more an "Elaine" Pack Leader Blog than a company missive.
The views expressed will be mine, the waffle will be mine and as usual will be an outpouring - rather than well considered and contrived.

I hope I will not offend - and if I do it will be a good place for discussion to start.

I am no expert on dogs or life or love or ... whatever - so this may well be a waste of time for us all.  Also I do not really get out much so my World is very narrow.  Yikes not sounding good...
It will be more like a diary of a dog collar maker.
To let you have a glimpse into our Holly&Lil World and appreciate how hard we work and yet how lucky we are to be part of this pack.  I hope too you will get a feel the H&L Els Angels and for YOU, our customers, our pack members, from the super sweet ones to the crazies to the awkward to the simply LOVELY.  
I have no mission, I have no plan.  
But I hope it will be a bit of fun with some informed and interesting bits included.
If not please feel free to tell me to SHUT UP!