Saturday, 12 July 2014

Cupcake Saturday 12.7.14

 It's always hard for the dogs in Holly&Lil when the weather is so lovely.... Fur coats in the sunshine is not fun!

 So this morning, before it got too hot Winnie and Ronnie came to visit..
Winnie has a collar, lead and harness from Holly&Lil but her little brother had been waiting till he was big enough... :)

Although the completely wrong season Ronnie's dad couldn't resist treating him to a Union Jack jumper too for when it does get chilly again (I am sure it's not far away)

While Ronnie was being fussed over, Winnie had worked out where the fan hits the floor and chilled till it was time to go....

Little Ronnie's judgement of the direction of the fan wasn't as good as his sisters.... :)