Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Holly&Lil night out at Tanner&Co 24.5.14

Every few months all of us try to go out and have a Holly&Lil night out.  Often keeping an eye on the dog friendly claims of the restaurants in Bermondsey Street.
I was just back from Holiday on 23rd and Chelsea and Mary had organised a get together at Tanner & Co just up the road from us. 
''At Tanner & Co we take an old-school approach to great quality food and the finest cocktails along with a wide range of superb beer and wines – all served in a unique environment that is relaxed and full of fun.''         

Of course Conchita started the evening with Cocktails

We are a massively mixed group at H&L with ages ranging from 18 to mid 60's (ssssshhhhhh) - but we all get on like a happy family

Concha and El and Jo
Concha is Gus' dog Mother and Jo is Hollys.
I knew them both before I started Holly&Lil

Sharon keeps us in order and looking lovely.  Alex, my God Daughter and Cousin, is our Stock Queen.  She had been away with me in Turkey

Mary is the voice of sense and reason and the figures Guru at H&L.
Connor is our newest addition and is Chelsea's brother. Chelsea is our longest serving staff member and has been with us since she was 16 (as has Connor really).
When we first opened Holly&Lil Chelsea popped a note through the door asking if we needed a Saturday Girl... we have never looked back.  Many people mistake her for my daughter though, as I always point out, I think a child of mine would be twice the size.

In fact Sharon is Connor and Chelseas Mum. 

Holly came too of course and they were lovely to her at the restaurant and she was allowed off lead (she is not interested in food).  

Actually I take that back she ate all the 'pies' she could.

So Tanner&Co rated highly for us - lovely food, lovely atmosphere and lovely Puddings!
We do have a dog friendly map of our street that you can see on our Whats Hot page on our website or pick one up for free at our shop.....

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Day in Holly&Lil 17/5/14

Here is local Shi Tzu Leo admiring himself in the mirror today.... Just had a hair cut too so looking extra dapper in his Regimental collar...

We also had a influx of French bulldogs in the area this week.....

Lovely girl Ted's parents met us at Discover Dogs! They come in to buy her a collar as she was finally a big girl.... Think she found a boyfriend in our Cooper <3
This is 5 month old puppy Scoop!

3 month old Beasel :)
 And our very own Cooper and Minnie chilling after a long day....
Cause you always need someone to lean on!