Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Holly&Lil at Hyde Bark 2014

Hyde Bark has to be one of our favourite shows.  The location is wonderful by the Serpentine in Hyde Park.  It is organised by and in aid of The Mayhew Animal Home in North London - which also happens to be one of our favourite Charities. do check them out - fabulous dogs and cats and rabbits looking for new homes.
We have to get there early to set up which is hard on me and Concha (especially as the night after the England Game so had had 4 hours sleep) - but it gives Gus and Holl Doll a chance to run.

When all the stalls are set up the people start to arrive; we are never the first there so a bit far from the ring but it looks lovely from afar.

And once we are set up people start to arrive both new potential customers and old friends.  Linda and Megan  came and had made us cakes.  Concha said it was the best ever and we want the receipe... don't forget Linda..  I would probably agree but I went to help a customer and came back and it was all gone - THANKS AUGUSTUS!

Dog shows simply have to be the best way to spend a day.  It is just the most fun and we meet the most adorable dogs and their owners too of course.  Here's a few snapshots that I hope sum up the day beautifully!
Rubys owners came back to say hello and introduce us to their new baby girl.
They got Ruby her bow collar last year.  
Before that they said everyone used to ask 'Oooh what a lovely dog. What is she?'' 
Now they say, ''Oooh what a lovely collar!" 
Luckily they do not mind so bought their new baby girl a Pink bow so they match.
The Crazy Dalmatian Gang arrived!  All in their Holly&Lil collars.
Dice in her Dice collar - Domino in Ooh La La and Tilly in Orange.
 You could say the Dalmatians are spoiled or is it just they always look on the Brightside?

Tyson came too, his owners had actually bought his Pirate collar at our shop in Bermondsey Street, London SE1.  
Gus seemed quite keen on him and they were a size match.

Alfie and his Mum and Gran came to order his new extra special Union Rose bespoke Poppy - a secret colourways till it is done and I hope you get to see it.  

For now he was a dream, in his H&L Tuxedo Harness

"Don't he make your Brown eye Blue"

This baby boy was Brightside Blue perfection.  
The collar and lead matched his  best  ball perfectly!

What a face....

Talking of  faces how adorable was Burritto? 
Conchita simply fell in love!
 His owner thought we were crazy talking him out of buying a collar for such a baby - but we do say wait till they are about 6 months old.  Unless you simply cannot bear to - then hey ho...
Gus was a bit freaked out by how teeny Burritto was - however the puglet had no fear at all.

This wee ones owner came and tried on the pirate just to get the size right.  He looked such a dream however his owner could not bear to  leave with out it so he now a part of our pack..

Ruby quite a famous Mayhew Rescue who went from starved to the bone to a very happy lady!!!  Some of you Mayhew followers may remember her tale?  Her Mum bought her a jumper last year what a corker!

 Adorable little Griffon came to say Howdy!

But the day was long and by 5 the dogs were asking "Surely it's home time Mum?"  
Holly and Gus do look a bit tired....

We were cream carckered by the end of the day and dragged ourselves off for a swift half and some nuts!
All ready now for Saturday 21st and the Wimbledon Fair 2014 - hope to see many of you there we are stall 38g.
See for details of where you can see Holly&Lil over the summer.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kalkan Turkey May 2014

As you may know Alex and I went to Kalkan, Turkey last October.

We returned this May to stay at my pals gorgeous Summer Breeze apartments
Laura broke her toe the day we arrived. So she mainly had to hang around with us at the house
But that was great and we got to know Ella, her youngest Princess, all the more.

Our apartments back on to the market, (every Thursday), so we could pop out for homemade pancakes for breakfast

HEAVEN! I like the 4 cheese and Alex is addicted to Honey and Bamama

Mind you I think we may be addicted to food day or night 
The Terrace Ressies like Nar, Kalamaki, Gourmet and Gironda serve food that would cause a stir in London or anywhere.  Simply delicious and beautifully served

We did also adore the public beach - not sandy heaven, as Patara, but divine and ten mins walk from our appartment.  
We had so many fun things to watch

Mowgli and his pupstar

Used to see him quite a lot canoeing past

Nearer the beach the dog would jump in and swim - such fun to watch

Back at the pool I, (Elaine) gave Ella 'swimming lessons.. 
To be honest more how to float around and chat lessons

Though we did occasionally  kick off

At the beach a retriever was having a ball and keeping us entertained
Such a beauty

Every morning Malcolm and Peanut were there for cuddles

Malcom looked so like my old cat Nixon - I loved him in October and was a pleasure to see he had survived the winter, with Lauras help and the support of .
They have made rehoming so much easier (and cheaper) to the UK and do their best to neuter as many cats and dogs as they can. Plus have a feeding programme during the winter months.

Back at the beach one family bought their big old boy down for a swim.  He spent the day with them swimming and playing and snoozing.

Quite a handsome chappie
Took my first selfie in case you had forgotten me

So there you go guys a brief glimpse of our wonderful holiday.  I cannot recommend Kalkan and Lauras apartments highly enough.  Do contact her if you fancy a break she will advise about flights and taxis to and from airport etc.  And if you go Alex or I will let you know all our fave ressies.
Laura and her hubby are also ''building' a fabulous villa to sell.  5 bedroom sea views and an infinity pool.  Plot 633(m2) Villa 280(m2).... You never know it may be your dream holiday home - contact for more info!?

When we got back Holly and The Boy Gus had had such wonderful times they were relieved to be home for a rest