Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dogday Monday at Holly&Lil 28/04/14

This adorable Staffy called Poppy come into Holly and Lil with her friend DJ to have a browse and a sniff around.... Poppy has quite few little Holly&Lil numbers but DJ has to wait cause he is only a puppy still....


Look at all those spots!!
Puppy DJ- what a nice smile :)
 Lana, a minature labradoodle came to get her first ever Holly&Lil now she was a bit older. Her owners decided on cowspot and red which I think looks amazing!!

Quite a comical pic of Lana, we was trying to get her to sit still and look at the camera. This is what we got!
Promise she was not being hurt at the time!!! 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Puppy Love on Easter Sunday 20.4.2014

Did not really get a chance to take many snaps on Sunday -
 just way too busy - this pic shows some of our lovely visitors enjoying a browse on Easter day.

But Gus, (as usual) fell in love with a new baby Lab.  He is so sweet he realises it is Land of the Giants so lays down so they can play with him.  This wee boy is only 12 weeks - but a biggie!
And they call it Puppy Love!

Perfect timing when he came in as we have just started selling Shearlings again in the shop and online.... Perfect for the wee ones - or any dog really.  Mobile comfort!

All dogs and cats adore snuggling down in natural sheepskins; use these absolutely luscious, shearling sheepskins as basket liners, car seat cosies or comfort blankets wherever you go.... Perfect for settling in new puppies and kittens but just as popular with older pets too. Machine washable - hooray!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Cupcake Saturday! 19/04/14

Boris came to see us today, he was a rescue dog all the way from Mexico. 12 years old and still has a face like a puppy!

Miss Martha, the Dogue de Bordeaux come in for a new collar! Zebra and orange from the Safari collection just looked amazing!!


Good Friday at Holly&Lil

Holly and Gus arrived at work to find their new beds in place for them!

Holly settles in immediately as the bed does not smell of any stinky other dogs.... but yikes who is that next to her....?
Of course it is Gus  with his delicious new root to chew
But they 
seem really happy I think?

Buffy nabs Hollys old bed before I can put it in the van to take it home to wash it... or maybe it is just because it is next to .......................

the yummy Easter Cakes....

Here is Super Ted whose owner came in and bought him a Pirate collar.  He was a very 'big' boy - 2 sizes larger than a standard Border Terrier.  BUT such a charmer... he did suit his pirate enormously though!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Alex's view 16.4.14

What do you get if you mix all the Frenchies.....

With Daisy pugs......

Possibly.... ZEBEDEE!?


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cupcake Saturday!! 12/4/14

So many dogs came into visit on Saturday, whether it was for new collars, treats or a free human cupcake.... 

Sammie the Jack Russel popped in to say hello!
Lulu and her bother came to visit for some treats and cuddles...
Our Buffy popped in also to stock up on food for the week!
Baby Fitz and his gorgeous whippet sister Gertie had Holly&Lil collars before they were even with their owners. We met their owners at Crufts and they couldn't help buy 2 collars for the adorable pair for when they was older. But on Saturday they come to visit to get collars that will fit now as they are both so tiny!


We decided for now to keep Gertie in her miniwide collar till she is a bit bigger and then her owners will order her a hound collar. 

But we couldn't resist trying one on her :)


Had human friends come and visit too but they were looking for our lovely Concha who doesn't work weekends..... 

The lovely Jane and Coralie :)

And Bernard couldn't help show off his tricks!!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Easter Holiday Dog Days at Holly&Lil 11/04/14

We had a mix of dogs visiting yesterday....

Quite a few squashed faces there.... :)
And a mix of children too..... 

Baby Elliot loved Minnie!
Tyler enjoyed cuddles with Daisy :)

It is Easter Holidays you see....... And we are full of Easter Collar Cheer!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Today in Holly&Lil 10/04/14

Today in Holly&Lil Bodie came to visit. Bodie's mum had had to wait till she was a big girl before she could have a nice collar. 
Originally, we thought the Pebbles Collection would suit her but they were not bright enough for such a young pup, so we went for Brightside collection :) 

What do you think? Blue or Lime?

10 week old Dachshund puppy also come to visit but wasn't allowed on the floor yet.....

 Phoebe was besotted with chihuahua Pluto. Much smaller than her Springer Spaniel :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hard dog-day at the shop?

Just a little archive of dog's showing you how hard their days works is in here in Holly&Lil!

Team talks in the morning are sometimes quite hard to organise. Treats always help!

Dougie is always in charge of guarding the boxes!

Nap time for Gus....
But wait is that your bed Mr?  Too small we think...
Or your blanket?... or our wrapping tissue.. ?

After all Minnie's hard work she doesn't usually make it to bed....

Tea and biscuit breaks are a MUST here at Holly&Lil....

And of course cuddles.... <3