Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cupcake Saturday!! 12/4/14

So many dogs came into visit on Saturday, whether it was for new collars, treats or a free human cupcake.... 

Sammie the Jack Russel popped in to say hello!
Lulu and her bother came to visit for some treats and cuddles...
Our Buffy popped in also to stock up on food for the week!
Baby Fitz and his gorgeous whippet sister Gertie had Holly&Lil collars before they were even with their owners. We met their owners at Crufts and they couldn't help buy 2 collars for the adorable pair for when they was older. But on Saturday they come to visit to get collars that will fit now as they are both so tiny!


We decided for now to keep Gertie in her miniwide collar till she is a bit bigger and then her owners will order her a hound collar. 

But we couldn't resist trying one on her :)


Had human friends come and visit too but they were looking for our lovely Concha who doesn't work weekends..... 

The lovely Jane and Coralie :)

And Bernard couldn't help show off his tricks!!

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