Saturday, 28 December 2013

Santa Paws last visit 2013

We had such fun with Santa Paws this year.  Snowballs and Mince Pies and Penguin cakes - YUMMY and all your gorgeous dogs.

I think Gus is auditioning for the part and if he gets any bigger most dogs could sit in his lap!
The cutest Cookie Monster on the block
We all work together to get the dogs to be looking lovely for their closeups.
The Cupcake Queen gets Dotty ready for her shot.
The delicious Dotty - Santa loved her

The sensational Smuggler such a treasure
Smuggler and Dotty such a GORGEOUS pair!
Heidi was a picture in her hat!
Jpeg is a boy who knows his own mind and rang rings round Gus and Ober on the getting treats front!
The super sweet Kiko insisted her favourite elf joined in the fun!

Lily, the muse of Pussy Willow, one of our neighbours on Bermondsey St looking perfect as usual!

Luscious Louis one of our favourite visitors who came with his Auntie to visit Santa and looked so handome!

Maxwell was quite a handful - but a handsome chappie indeed!

Nero looking dignified despite all of Santas efforts!

Precious Pluto managed to overcome his shyness to give Santa a hug
Our little man Ober from 167 looking just lovely ... as always!

Managed to get a couple of shots of The Cupcake Queen with Holly and Gustus

And now all we have to do is sit and wait for Christmas again..........  Not long now!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Pugs of Christmas Past... 2

A few years ago we took a few great shots of  Edward Pug, (Lilys 'brother/son'), real Sister and Mum.
The pictures speak for themselves ... such fun!
What is that Mum???
It smells weird....
OH MY GOD what is it!??!?!
Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Santa Paws at Holly&Lil ... 2

Santa Paws came back to Holly&Lil on Sunday 8th December 2013 
Holly had been inconsolable that he would not come back and needed some Elf love to reassure her

We had baked some more biscuits using our Christmas Packs (available online) and Frostie had returned hoping to have some more

Santa used them to show his fabulous training skills with Holly and Gus.

And then the gorgeous dogs came and we got some lovely pictures

Stanley the border so handsome in a very rare moment of calm
The WONDERFUL Mr Edward Pug came and stole the show in his Christmas hat.  Edward was Lilys brother/son and adored her .  He is still a very important part of Holly&Lil
Shy Flash needed his family to help Santa create the perfect snap.
George had been a challenge but Gus helped by playing with the boy and after a thousand circuits of the shop we got this lovely picture.
Georgie, Maisie and Charlie looked sublime on Santas lap.
Gizmo came in a few Christmas outfits and modelled deliciously for us
And, as always the pack shot was perfect with Gizmo having a whale of a time! We first met the owners of these gorgeous dogs when they were working at the Harrods Pet Spa.  Dione is still there but Jess has moved on - however they still come to have some fun with us.

Santa had to explain to Leo the best way to get a good shot
Leo listened and posed  perfectly for this beautiful shot
Noodle was a little worried by Santa but a few cuddles at ground level calmed her down.
Polly, Noodles 'sister', was an unbelievable natural supermodel. Look at her working that hat!
Perfect Polly Puggle - how pretty is she?
Sugar was full of fun and just a wee bit too big for Santas lap
Baquette out Santa'ed Santa - Rocking around the Christmas tree in her outfit - LOVELY!
Tyson was a bit too wriggly for Santa so Pablo got in on the act.  Despite my pleas he would not sit on Santas lap.
At the end of the day a few of Santas little helpers posed happily and summed up a wonderful day!


Monday, 9 December 2013

Santa Paws at Holly&Lil.. 1

Ooooooooooh Santa Paws made his first visit to Holly&Lil as part of  our Christmas Starts here late night Festa 6th Dec 2013.
We decked the halls and made him a perfect little grotto.  We backed Mince Pies and Snowball cocktails for the human guests and, using our baking packs, made luscious biccies for the dogs.
Frostie was there early and was very worried he may not come....

But come he did and everyone had such fun!
Buffy looking stately after stuffing her with biscuits!
Cooper looking lovely after Gus helped exhaust him chasing him round the table!
Frostie looking precious with Santa and Chelsea Elf her new best friend!
Marcel looking as adorable as always!
Minnie looking super cute and very festive!

It was Gus' first Christmas with us last year and except for the fact he has gained 15kgs and become hugely accident prone nothing much else has changed in the happy boys life

When Santa left Gus was inconsolable that he may never come again but Connor reassured him that he would and all the fun would start again!

Holly however was exhausted at all this partying and decided to sleep it off till Santa returned!