Friday, 15 August 2014

Holly&Lil in Harrods Pet Kingdom

I was looking back over our old archive and came across some snaps of our time in Harrods Pet Kingdom.

Holly&Lil have been proud to supply two of our big department stores. Both of whom found and then approached us. Our first venture was into Selfridges where they placed us centre stage in one of their Christmas Windows.  We had never felt so happy!

The Harrods buyers, Katy and Rikki, then came to meet us in person at Crufts the following year. And offered us a place in store. But at that time we had to make a choice between the two stores. As Selfridges Pet Dept' was not as well presented and cherished as Harrods. And as the buyers came in person several times to 'court' us and reassure us - we made our decision and went into Harrods.

At that time the only named spots were those with a franchise but Harrods had such faith and pride in our brand that they gave us a named spot - a huge honour.

Harrods promoted our brand with pride allowing us to tell our story and including us (for free) in their dog shows. 
We stayed in Harrods for nearly 8 years until the whole department was closed and we miss the showcase they can provide.   We worked well there and never fell foul of their very high quality and supply and delivery standards.  And it provided an introduction to many of you!
We even created for Mr Al Fayad a Harrods only tartan range, using Mr Al Fayads own tartan.