Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September 2013 Show Season

Lordy September show season starts this weekend.  And, for the first time ever we will be doing 2 shows.  Big ask for us as we have to cover the Shop as well.
Concha and I (with Gus and Holly) will be at PupAid http://www.pupaid.org/pup-aid/
Mary and Chelsea are heading to Lavant near Chichester for the 16th annual Bulldog Picnic
Jo and Alex and Connor will be in the shop in Bermondsey Street. People sometimes question why the pack is so big - well this answers that I think.

 The prep' for a show takes quite a lot of organisation.  But we do have the van now and we run as a vaguely creaky but usually well oiled machine. I am on computer 'to do' lists.  Chelsea is on paperwork and minutiae and Alex is on Stock.  Connor is in training to become our muscles and first real male Els Angel.

We have our off days.
I was heading to pick up Chelsea to drive to the Suffolk Dog Day several years ago. I looked over my shoulder at the lights and thought...
leads  - check
tables - check
chairs - check
signs - check
chip and pin and petty cash - check................
"Where are the collars Alex????"
Hey Ho - it happens.
We all enjoy doing the shows even if sales are slow (been so hot this summer some shows been very quiet).  But the best fun is when the weather is fine, the crowds are there and we get lots of dog cuddles but make some money too!!! Hooray!

Hope to see some of you this first glorious September weekend?

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Martin Bosh said...

See you at Pup Aid!