Monday 30 September 2013

The Lily Award - Bermondsey St Dog Show 2013

Lilys Class - Best Pedigree Gal

We had about 15 entrants in our best Gal award - a nightmare to pick for our judges Sarah and Louise - poor Simba and Daniel were still stuck on Tower Bridge.
Daphne - a baby girl whippet first one out
Take Your places please Gertie, Lola, Caramel, Snowflake!
Looking Gorgeous - Lola, Snowflake, Meryl, Evie and Lula
Donna Marie our maypole Queen & Snowflake
This is not easy for our judges, Lula, Effie, Daizie, & Ruby looking good!
But our Winner of the Lily Class is Briard MILLA!!!!!!!! 9 months old and gorgeous

Friday 27 September 2013

Holly&Lil dog show 2013 - Preparation

The preparation for the Holly&Lil dog show as part of the Bermondsey Street Festival really starts early.
We take our Rosette colour choices VERY seriously and these are always ordered well in advance.
Judges come next as it is important people know it is a FUN event not a Crufts qualifier.  But we need a good mix of the knowledgeable with a teeny bit of glamour and humour.
We always invite Sarah, Lily and Eddies Mum to return each year.  And for glamour and knowledge we also went for Louise Glazebrook of Darling Dog.  The super gorgeous SIMBA, Britain's Top Dog Model 2013 was the final icing on the cake for us.  
Dale, Lily and Eddies Pa is always our compere and NO ONE could do it better!

Dale as Jaffa Cake - I thought he was Poo Man Chew!
Next 100 Cupcakes made.  Pork Pies and sausage rolls out.  El's Angels looking gorgeous name tags in place.. Ring setup.....

Now all we need is a crowd... and boy did we get one despite the drizzle - no one rained on our parade!

Homer was has one several years but retired this year HOWEVER he still put on a marvelous show!

All we needed was a goat... OOh we got one!

Winter, Asa and Le Ch'on, our security Guards get ready to clear the ring!

Let the show begin....

Next installment the heats.....

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Bermondsey St Dog Show 2007-12

The Bermondsey Street Festival is such a fun affair and started several years ago as just a small, locals mainly, street party but is now growing into quite an event!

The original idea was everyone in the street would play a part - so the ressies do delicious food stalls, the designers do a marvellous fashion show... and Holly&Lil do a great dog show.  The place would come alive with Maypoles, (who would forget Zandra Rhodes dancing round with the Kiddies - such fun!) and bands and stalls and music and laughter!
There is nothing serious about the day and each class is really just judges on who the judges like the look of most.  A village dog show... not Crufts.  And we rely on a huge crew of vol;unteers (thanks to our NZ crew marshalled by our own cupcake queen Jo!)

Sarah, Lilys owner has returned each year, even since she left H&L as our control and common sense judge.  Sarahs Uncle, I believe, was a judge at Crufts and Sarah knows a good looking healthy animal when she sees one!  But each year we ask some friendly celeb to step in and make the show have a wee bit of extra glamour too!  And we have been so lucky to have Marc the Vet, Robert Alleyne, The Barking Blondes (Jo and Anna).
This year we are pleased to have the delicious Simba and his owner Daniel Carrick.  Simba was Britain's Top Dog Model 2012.
Also the lovely Louise Glazebrook of Darling Dog will be casting her expert eye over our entrants.  Lou has her own training company but also does an awful lot with Dogs Trust and Young Offenders and local councils. She has a great heart and a good eye
Dale, Lilys Dad, will be our compere extra├│rdinaire as usual; no one could do it better!
And we will be donating our money this year to Tick bite prevention - in honour of our friend Wendy Fox who we always are with at Crufts. and here is Wendys story

But it is just about joining Holly&Lil and having great fun with your dog!
Registration starts in Tanner St park at 11am on a first come first serve basis

The Holly&Lil Dog Show as part of The Bermondsey St Festival
Saturday 21st Sept' 2013
Tanner St Park
Registration from 11am Show starts at 1pm
The Lily Class Best Pedigree Gal
The Eddie Class Best Pedigree Boy
The Holly Class Best Mash up Boy or Gal
The Gus Class Anything Goes
Limited to 25 dogs each class
Judges Simba, Winner of Top Dog Model Louise and Cookie from Darling Dog
A return of Sarah, Lilys owner
Our Compere is Dale, Lilys Dad
Elaine, Alex, Mary, Chelsea, Connor, Jo will be there and a horde of volunteers all funds go to BADA
  1. Did you know that around 3,000 people in the UK contract Lyme disease (Borreliosis) from tick bites every year and that Lyme disease is more prevalent than previously thought?
  2. Did you know that both you and your pets could be at risk from tick bites in many areas of the countryside and even town parks and gardens?
  3. Did you know that there are no vaccines to defend against tick-borne infections present in the UK and Ireland?

Put a message out for some more pictures of the dog show and HURRAH some came up trumps

Our Compere Extra├│rdinaire - Dale Gibson (Lilys owner)

Niles 1st Prize Pedigree Boy 2012

Louisa writes... Nero with his third best male!! Maybe two years ago. Last year he only made the top eight....slippery slope. Sadly he wont be entering this year as he is off to Newmarket this evening for an operation tomorrow. Please send good vibes.
Nero again 3rd prize best male!!!!

Gus with the wonderful Lexi who passed this year

The Barking Blondes and Sarah our judges in 2011
James writes... Dave with my niece and nephew. 4th place in Anything Goes. He was second last year. still pipped to the post by his nemesis Homer...

Holly dog enjoying every minute!