Thursday, 24 December 2015

What we can all do to help this Christmas...

Friends at this time of year we are all feeling happy and looking forward to a break.  We also 'quite' love all our fellow men and certainly all the animals.  And would probably love to do something to make the world a better place?  Well yesterday I learnt an easy peasey lesson that may make us all feel we can help out and bring a little joy?

Do any of you know or are friends with someone who perhaps is not 100% well or possibly getting on in years?  Do you see this person everyday and nod and smile and say 'Good Morning' when they are out walking theirs dog(s)? 
A person you know loves and lives for their animals so you have no worries for either of them.

Just occasionally bend down and stroke that dog and feel in between its back legs and down its belly.  Is all lovely and smooth and clear and clean?
Or is it just a complete knotted mess and horror?????

One of my friends at home is looking after an old dog (17) whilst her owner is in hospital.  The chappie lives for his dog and she is a huge support to him. It is vital they stay together.
The dog is content and well (if not over) fed.  But she was a bit stinky.  So I went in armed with my new amateur Grooming knowledge and shampoo and towels.
What we found nearly bought us both to tears.
In between the poor dogs legs were huge, fist size balls, of excrement matted over with hair. 
Dreadlocks of solid filth.
We were both terrified and felt unable to cope in case we hurt her. 
But all the Groomers in our town were not even answering the phones.

So we got down to it.  2 hours later we had done our best and felt the old dog had had enough.
Still a ways to go but we cut out what we could - using my fingers as a guide - better to cut me that her.
Then we shampooed her and dried her etc.
I hope she is much happier.
PLUS now we know my Friend will keep an eye on the dog and the owner and ensure it is groomed - it needs its belly shaved and if the dog was closer to London my girls would have done it yesterday - but 4 -5 hour travelling not good for us or dog.
It is crucial the dog stays with its owner and sure is the same for many dogs etc out there.  But it cannot be left like this....

So my friends get cuddling all the dogs of slightly vulnerable people out there. 
Feel those bellies and in between the legs. 
Be gentle and kind to the owners who simply may not realise what is going on.  Older people need their dogs.  How we go on from there I am not sure - money may be an issue for professional grooming.  I know we get people suggesting all the ways our groomers can do things for charity - and that is marvellous but who will pay the £700 a day we need to clear to pay girls and the rent etc? 
So you cannot always expect and volunteer other people to do the charitable work.
Time to roll up our own sleeves and get in there - we all can offer to bath a dog and brush it out best we can. 
I do not have all the answers here - but until yesterday I had not even considered the problem. 
I thought I would point it out to us all and hope together we can do something for animals and people who's lives would be happier if we did?
Merry Christmas!

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